About Vera

About Vera


My name is
Vera Hasanova! I am a licensed medical massage practitioner, mother of 3, and an avid gardener.

My journey with medical massage began more than 20 years ago, when my daughter’s life was saved though massage. She was born a frail child and as she approached her second year, her body started to shut down. We went to every doctor, tried every medicine but nothing worked without explanation!

Finally I came across a local medical masseur who offered to work with my daughter. After a few month went by, my daughter’s body, stimulated by the various massage techniques applied by this local masseur, began to gain strength.

Soon she was as healthy as any other child and has grown into an active adult, who loves athletic adventures!

While massage is often associated with relaxation, through this experience I realized
how medically powerful massage was!

There was another way to journey towards health – one that didn’t include taking medicines, drugs, or other solutions with potentially harmful side effects! Today, with 15 years of experience under my belt, I firmly believe in massage as powerful tool to help people be healthy.

Some time after my daughter’s recovery, I began my training to become a certified medical practitioner of massage.

Since then I have gained a collegiate certification in massage therapy, a medical massage practitioner certification from LMT Succes s Group, and a Unique Aspects of Whiplash Syndrome certification from NeuroMuscular Therapy American Vision.
I am also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and hold a license to practice massage therapy in Massachusetts.

Over my years of experience, I have seen my clients’ lives transformed through medical massage!

Although I cannot guarantee that everyone will run out of my office singing Ave Maria, I strongly encourage those suffering from chronic pain to consider medical massage as a treatment option.

The human body is a remarkable organism that has powerful regenerative powers! I invite you today to consider medical massage as a viable alternative to pills and surgery and come see me!

You can email me at verahasmassage@gmail.com, call me at 413.222.1284, or click here to schedule an appointment today!


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